Sheet Plastic manufactures and supplies a range of products that is used in the VACUUM-FORMING / THERMO-FORMING industries.

VACUUM-FORMING / THERMO-FORMING is the process whereby plastic sheets are heated until they become pliable, then formed and shaped by means of a mould into the desired shape.
  • ABS

    ABS  (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Characteristics: ABS is a strong, durable production-grade thermoplastic used across various industries such as: printing, display and vacuum-forming. The advantage of ABS is

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  • PP

    Characteristics: PP is a Lightweight Product that is tough, durable, oil and grease resistant, suitable for food industries. PP is made to demanding specifications and the

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  • PETg

    SHEET PETg Characteristics: Excellent transparency with a high gloss surface.  High impact resistance, ductile, easily thermo-formable and excellent chemical resistance. Complies with the FDA standard (21 CFR

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